Jean-Pierre Kepseu: Yaounde, Cameroon

Jean Pierre Kepseu is a freelance photojournalist based in Yaounde, Cameroon. He has worked with Africa Media Online for many years, building up a collection of stock photography from Central Africa. Kepseu has also worked with numerous organisations over the years such Le Groupe Jeane Afrique, Afrique Magazine International, Panafrican News Agency (Panapress) and People … Read More

Iconic African Images – Steve Biko

Steve Biko would have turned 70 this December.  Only 70?  And he died so long ago.  It brings home again how young he was and how much he achieved in his short life. Drum Magazine ran a feature on Steve Biko in November 1977 and this picture of Steve Biko was the Drum cover for … Read More

Survey results: How Picture Researchers are finding images online

Last month Africa Media Online conducted a survey to gain an understanding of how picture buyers and picture researchers are using Google to find images.  52 people responded to the short list of questions.  29 respondents were from South Africa, 8 from the UK, 7 from the USA, 2 from Germany, 1 from New Zealand … Read More

New Simplified Pricing

In response to changes in the industry and our clients requirements we have decided to take some radical steps regarding the pricing of our images.  As of today our new simplified pricing model comes into effect.  We have moved away from the complexities of licensing to enable us to offer clients a simple procedure  for … Read More

CEPIC Congress 2015, Warsaw

Africa Media Online was represented at this years CEPIC Congress in Warsaw, Poland. Over 400 representatives from the picture industry in 32 different countries attended. The annual CEPIC Congress is an opportunity to meet with other picture libraries who represent our images in their local markets. Meeting face-to-face once a year makes all the difference … Read More

Managing images across a company

Africa Media Online has an amazing digital asset management system that we have been building over the past 14 years called MEMAT. We use it to store, safeguard and manage the collections we represent to publishing and broadcast markets through What is less known is that we also make the system available to other … Read More

What we do

Sometimes we are so busy doing that we fail to communicate what all the doing is about.  This little video conveys what we as Africa Media Online are about and how our picture library fits into the bigger picture of “Africans telling Africa’s story”. AMO What We Do from Africa Media Online on Vimeo.

Kimbanguist Orchestra Symphony

Kenyan photographer, Felix Masi, just uploaded some intriguing images of the Kimbanguist Orchestra Symphony playing in downtown Kinshasa.  He says that they are self-taught group of classical musicians in Central Africa.  There are over 200 members, many of whom make their own instruments. Felix has some other images of the orchestra on the Africa Media … Read More

Iconic Kwa-Zulu Natal image

My family home has had this image by John Hone’s on the wall for more than 2 decades.  Living in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, this is an image that one sees everywhere.  It uniquely captures the province from Berg to Beach.  The image was taken by John Hone in 1988. This iconic image of the province … Read More

Fotofringe 2013

A gathering of picture buyers and picture suppliers on an even playing field. Fotofringe London has been running for 3 years but for the first time this year we sent someone to represent Africa Media Online at the event.  Robyn Keet spent a fantastic day meeting with pictures buyers from the UK. Fotofringe, unlike its … Read More