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Shanaaz Jacobs at the Masjidus Sabr mosque that has become headquarters for a joint, interfaith, Parkwood Covid-19 feeding response team. Volunteers today delivered bread to the community of Parkwood, a subburb of Cape Town, located on the Cape Flats, Monday, April 20, 2020. The majority of the people who live here are unemployed during “normal” circumstances. And as South Africa is now in lockdown due to the Coronavirus, many of those who had jobs have also lost their income. So many people are starving. The feeding scheme is a joint community effort, paid for solely by donations from the public to feed more than 3,000 households. The group is also receiving transportation support by The South African Red Cross Society. “I do the cooking. On Wednesday, I will be making 10 x 100 litre pots of food,” said Jacobs. “Normally, I only supply 50 people with food, including kids, elderly, and the unemployed.” PHOTO: EVA-LOTTA JANSSON