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DM1999101106:SAED:POLITICS:APARTHEID:MAR1954 – Mr Drum Goes To Jail – This picture shows the method of searching prisoners at Johannesburg Central Jail,and in other jails throughout the country. Prisoners are made to strip naked and then to jump up in the air clapping their hands, opening their mouths, and then turn round.This is known as ‘Tausa’ or as the ‘Zulu Dance’. Regulation No 388 (b) of the Prison Regulations of 1911, says:The searching of a convict shall be conducted with due regard to decency and self-respect,and in as seemly a manner as consistent with the necessity of discovering any concealed article on or in any part of his body or clothing. Drum submits that the method of searching shown in these two photographs has no regard whatever to dencency or self-respect; that it is neither necessary or even effective in preventing smuggling; and that it should be stopped forthwith. (Photograph by Bob Gosani Baileys Archive) jail, police, staff, Henry Nxumalo neg