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DM2001040206:SAED:SOCIAL:HOUSING:NOV1957 – Inside Dube Hostel. Its The Place That Nobody Wants. Dube Hostel is the place that nobody wants. After the recent outbreak of violence in Bube, Phefeni Meadowlands had also to be constantly patrolled by heavily armed police. The people who live in the bleak and forbidding buildings never wanted to go there. For many of them it is just a place to lay down a weary head, and a shelter from the dust and rain. Most of them are Johannesburg workers who were uprooted from their rooms in the city by the ‘Locations in the Sky’ Act. Their employers don’t like it either. They say that things worked much more smoothly when workers were near by and didn’t have long journeys to make every day. (Photographs by Drum Photographer by written D.C.Themba BAHA)