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DM2000072503:SAED:MUSIC:PERSONALITY:DEC1954 – What They Say About Tandi! – Thandi (Mpambani) Klaasen with Doris Tainton, I said to Tandi “Where you born sister?” She said, ‘Turfontein, Mister.’ “I said you’re cute.” She said ‘shoot.’ This is what I shot out of her. She’s the biggest, heppest, and jivest of a family of nine. She’s had three diaappointments only. When the Gay Gaities Troupe split, when her Quad sisters quit show bizness, and when her eight year old love affair fizzled out. She got famous in 1943, singing ‘Cow Cow Boogie.’ She was mad about jiving so she got used to jeans. (Photograph by Drum Photographer © Baileys Archives) neg 449 Mpambani vocalist for the Cuban brothers