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DM2000062701:POLITICS:WOMEN:DEC1954 – Masterpiece In Bronze – Cissie Gool. Cape Town’s coloured ‘Joan Of Arc’ of non-whites!. Among the candidates standing for re-election in the recent Cape Town City Council’s elections, was Mrs Zairunissa Gool, who was described in the nomination papers as a ‘housewife.’ Mrs Gool, however, has been and is more than a mere ‘housewife;’ for more than 25 years this goodlooking and dynamic woman has been one of the colourful personalities in non-European leadership in South Africa. Barefooted little Coloured children in the slums of District Six, bright-eyed Africans in the Africans township of Langa and thousands of other people spread out from Cape Town to Natal and the Transvaal either know personally, or by name, as a leader. Cissie, as she is known affectionately to most people in Cape Town, has been a herion in public affairs chiefly because of the fearless way she has championed the non-European cause. (Photograph by Drum Photographer © Baileys A