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Abrey Arendse, Operational Manager at De Doorns Clinic, a Western Cape government facility, stands outside the fenced clinic premises, where the staff has painted social-distancing lines on the ground, Wednesday May 6, 2020. Each morning, hundreds of patients line up here, says Arendse. And, she, herself, greets everyone to see who needs to come inside the clinic right away, including the elderly, very sick, pregnant ladies and disabled people. The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge, she says. There is not enough PPE on hand for patients and no long-term stock for staff. It’s also difficult to leave patients waiting outside. The sun is strong, and the winter rains are coming. De Doorns is a town in the Breede Valley Local Municipality, Cape Winelands District Municipality, in the Western Cape province of South Africa. PHOTO: EVA-LOTTA JANSSON