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Patients waiting to be seen at De Doorns Clinic, a Western Cape government facility, in the Cape Winelands, where social-distancing rules are in effect, Wednesday May 6, 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge, explains Abrey Arendse, Operational Manager here. Each morning, hundreds of patients line up outside the fenced clinic, according to social-distancing markers on the ground. She personally assesses everyone to see who needs to come inside the clinic right away, including the elderly, very sick, pregnant ladies and disabled people. Due to COVID-19, and space reasons, she can’t let them all inside. There is also not enough PPE on hand for patients and no long-term stock for staff. Meanwhile, it’s difficult to leave patients waiting in the elements outside. The sun is strong, and the winter rains are coming. PHOTO: EVA-LOTTA JANSSON