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DM2004072901:SAED:SOCIAL:PERSONALITY:POLITICS:11OCT1964 – Rivonia Pimpernel Caught – Wilton Mkwayi … a picture taken after he had been granted bail during treason trial inquiry in 1957. Security police swooped on the Orlando West home of a divorcee at midnight on friday and arrested a man for whom the police were looking at the time of the Rivonia raid in July last year. The man, Wilton Mkwayi, is now being held under the 90 day law. Arrested with him was Mrs Irene Kumalo, a Meadowlands Clinic midwife, in whose house Mkwayi was found. It is believed that the police made an intensive search for Mkwayi shortly after the Rivonia raid. Mkwayi was a member of the National executive of the African National Congress at the time of its banning and was the last of these leaders still at large. (Written by Theo Mthembu, Photograph by Alf Khumalo BAHA)