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DM2000021734:SAED:POLITICS:OCT1952 – In Johannesburg People From All Over The Reef Attend A Mass Meeting To Protest Against Unjust Laws. The Benoni unit marches into ‘Freedom Square’ singing ‘Mayibuye Africa,’ and carrying banners with caricatures of Moroka and Dadoo. The defiance campaign was born over a year ago, in Johannesburg, on July 1951, when non-white leaders met and decided to form a Joint Planning Council to co-ordinate Africans, Indians and Coloureds, and "to embark upon an immediate mass campaign for the repeal of oppressive measures" which the Council pledged to attack were, and still are, limited to the Pass Laws, Stock Limitations, the Group Areas Act, the Separate Voters, Represantation Act, the Bantu Authorities Act, and the Suppresssion of Communism Act. The Joint Planning Council consisted of J.B. Marks, Dr Moroka and Walter Sisulu, of the African National Congress. They issued a report, to be put before the African National Congress, the