Reaching your audience digitally: Second webinar series

Following the success of webinars we ran toward the end of April under the theme of “Reaching your Audience Digitally”, we have decided to extend the series and will be running the following webinars: Preparing your material for upload to your digital archive – arrangement, standards and toolsDavid Larsen and Bandile Sizani Tuesday, May 26, 10 … Read More

Reaching your audience digitally: why a digital archive can make all the difference

A digital archive is not just a nice to have, an activity we should do simply for posterity’s sake without any real impact on the execution of the core vision and mission of an organization. Yet that is what it will always be for the decision makers in your organization unless you can ensure that … Read More

Lessons from the World’s Largest Gathering of Picture Libraries

My wife, Rosanne, and I have just returned from the CEPIC Congress which was held this year in Zagreb, Croatia in May 2016. As head of Africa Media Online’s picture library that represents many collections from African photographers and African heritage institutions, Rosanne makes the trek to Europe once a year to keep in touch … Read More

Steps to Build a Digital Archive: Selecting

This is the fourth post in a series that looks at steps toward building a digital archive. After an introduction to building a digital archive we looked at the Scoping process that aligns your goal of building a digital archive with the vision, mission and strategic objectives of your organisation, and the Screening process that … Read More

Facebook Group for African Photographers (and those working with African photography)

You may or may not know that Africa Media Online hosts a Facebook group geared specifically at informing and empowering African photographers. While we do have some international photographers subscribed to the group, the resource is really there primarily to further the work and careers of African photographers. So if you are an African photographer … Read More

Why Build a Digital Archive Anyway?

Why build a digital archive? That is a very good question, particularly since building a digital archive involves a lot of effort and considerable expense. For memory institutions (archives, museums and libraries) the need to build a digital archive is compelling. As the European Union funded DigiCULT Report (p.90) stated, in the new information economy … Read More

Video Introduction to MEMAT

We’ve never created a video that gives the context for our archival digital repository system called MEMAT and why it is that such systems are needed by everyone really… at least everyone who needs or wants to keep their digital media for the long term. There is always a first time though, so here it … Read More

ANC Archives Launched

It was a proud moment for us at Africa Media Online last Monday evening. It was the culmination of a year-and-a-half of hard work as the ANC Digital Archives were handed over to the President of the ANC and the President of South Africa, President Jacob Zuma. The handover of the output from one of … Read More

A Pictorial History of the Digitisation of the ANC Archives

In 2012 the African National Congress turned 100. As the oldest modern liberation movement in the World it was fitting that ahead of the centenary celebrations a project should be initiated to digitise the ANC Archives and give access to the extensive collections to ANC members, the people of South Africa and researchers around the … Read More

Winners of the 9th China International Press Photo Contest

I have just returned from the beautiful city of Hangzhou in China’s eastern Zhejiang province where I had the privilege of being one of 13 judges at the 9th China International Press Photo Contest. And what a contest it was! Over 30,000 images from over 3,000 professional photojournalists around the world were entered in to the competition. … Read More