The Dream Team

So, it’s official: the Twenty Ten Dream Team has been announced! These great journalists from all over Africa will be heading to South Africa to cover the 2010 World Cup, while the remaining Allstars will continue to cover the event from their home countries. We will feature some more of the Dream Team’s work on … Read More

Local photographer brings a national hero to an international audience

In this great photo feature, Amos Gumulira tells us all about the “Rising Striker” Chiukepo Msoway of Malawi’s national football team known as The Flames. Amos writes, “Until recently, Malawian football has been nothing to write home about. The memory of their 1984 appearance in the Africa Cup of Nations was starting to grow dim and … Read More

Footballs Made to Last

We just added this story along with the images taken by Richard Mulonga in Lusaka. The story is about an organization called Alive and Kicking Zambia which, in Richard’s words, “The company makes hand-stitched leather footballs that carry health messages on HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. They are durable, educational and recreational. Alive and Kicking also … Read More

Football Fever on Africa's Great Lakes

Michael Nsubuga spent some time with the fishermen on the shores of Lake Victoria, one of Africa’s great ecotourism destinations, and found that football fever has found its way here. See all the images here.

Pyramid football

Another story from the Twenty Ten Allstar journalists is Mohamed Abdou‘s photo feature about football at Egypt’s iconic Pyramids of Giza. Purchase the full story from Africa Media Online. “Football is the most popular sport in Egypt” says Abdou. “Children, boys and young people love it and can even be found playing it in the … Read More

Elephants are football fans too?

The Twenty Ten Allstar journalists are continuing to deliver fresh stories from across Africa – and none more surprising than the photo feature by Stephen Mudiari Kasabuli in which he showcases young elephants playing football in Kenya! “The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a centre that mainly cares for orphan elephants. It is based at … Read More

An African journalist reflects on South Africa's reputation

Mark Namanya is a Ugandan sports journalist who attended the Twenty Ten Allstar training in Egypt. Ahead of his visit to South Africa next week for the FIFA World Cup draw, he reflects on what his impressions had been before he’d visited the country, and to what extent they had been shaped by the ‘Western … Read More

Telling it like it is: a Sudanese journalist reports on his Twenty Ten training

By Emmanuel Kele Twenty-four young African Journalists from twelve countries of Africa have concluded their Twenty-Ten World Cup media coverage workshop in Cairo, Egypt. The workshop brought together a genuine united Africa from South Africa, Angola, via Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan, Liberia, Ghana, and many other countries from the continent. The one week workshop which … Read More

Ghana are the first African team to qualify for the first African World Cup!

David Larsen in Accra, Ghana. Well Ghana won convincingly and what a colourful event it was! The celebration of winning over Sudan was heightened by Mali failing to win over Benin outright which pushed Ghana through to becoming the first African team, outside the host nation, South Africa, to qualify for the first African World … Read More

David Larsen Posts from Accra, Ghana

I am here in Accra with 11 print journalists from Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe and 12 photojournalists from Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria and South Africa – 23 in all from 13 countries. We are using the 2010 Fifa World Cup qualifying clash between Ghana … Read More