Michaelhouse Taking their Digital Archive to New Heights

Michaelhouse’s innovative Archivist, Robyn Gruijters, showcased how she uses her digital archive and the benefit it has had for the wider Michaelhouse community. She was speaking at a conference at the ICC in Durban hosted by the KwaZulu-Natal Archives and Records service. If you can put up with the partially hand held recording I did … Read More

Why Build a Digital Archive Anyway?

Why build a digital archive? That is a very good question, particularly since building a digital archive involves a lot of effort and considerable expense. For memory institutions (archives, museums and libraries) the need to build a digital archive is compelling. As the European Union funded DigiCULT Report (p.90) stated, in the new information economy … Read More

Video Introduction to MEMAT

We’ve never created a video that gives the context for our archival digital repository system called MEMAT and why it is that such systems are needed by everyone really… at least everyone who needs or wants to keep their digital media for the long term. There is always a first time though, so here it … Read More

Rondebosch Boys Launches a Digital Archive

The history of Rondebosch Boys High School stretches back to 1897. This longevity and the traditions that have been built up over more than a century is a significant part of the value that school presents to its community. Recently the Old Boys Union at the school took the decision to work with us at … Read More

Africa Media Online launches new online media management system

Ten years of evolving solutions have resulted in another release of MEMAT, Africa Media Online’s professional collections management system. Conforming very closely to the requirements of the Open Archival Information System (OAIS), the ISO standard for long term archiving of digital media, MEMAT is used by media organisations and media professionals to manage and present … Read More

The next Generation of MEMAT begins to take Shape

Above: A mock up of the new top include for the new MEMAT system using the Africa Media Online web site as an example. Next Generation of MEMAT begins to Rise from its Foundations After a year of development behind the scenes we are at last beginning to see the next generation of MEMAT take … Read More