What is Stock Photography

One important income stream for photographers is stock photography. As I interact with professional photographers around Africa and in my own country, South Africa, I am often surprised at how misunderstood the stock photography market is. As a professional needing to survive in a market where there is currently a glut of photography, understanding various … Read More

The 4 Essentials of Professionalism for Photographers

You may be an award winning photographer with a great ability to tell visual stories, but if you don’t know how to handle yourself as a professional, you won’t survive as a photographer for long. This article on Shutha introduces you to the 4 essential elements needed to become a consummate professional: Competence, Community, Conduct … Read More

Shutha.org: Understanding Photo Genres

If you are a photographer or are considering generating an income from photography it is worth paying a visit to Shutha.org a free online resource that we created with funding from the Dutch Postcode Lottery via World Press Photo. The site was created specifically to be an open resource for professional photographers and students of photography … Read More