Reaching your audience digitally: Second webinar series

Following the success of webinars we ran toward the end of April under the theme of “Reaching your Audience Digitally”, we have decided to extend the series and will be running the following webinars: Preparing your material for upload to your digital archive – arrangement, standards and toolsDavid Larsen and Bandile Sizani Tuesday, May 26, 10 … Read More

Reaching your audience digitally: why a digital archive can make all the difference

A digital archive is not just a nice to have, an activity we should do simply for posterity’s sake without any real impact on the execution of the core vision and mission of an organization. Yet that is what it will always be for the decision makers in your organization unless you can ensure that … Read More

The Digitise Africa Trust

Some years ago, Africa Media Online was involved in establishing the independent not-for-profit Digitise Africa Trust. By January 2020, however, the Trust was fully operational with its own independent Board of Trustees and its own bank account. The Vision of the Digitise Africa Trust is to enable the digital preservation of and access to primary … Read More

Africa Media Online in Three-and-a-Half Minutes

Africa Media Online has recently been actively looking for investors to enable us to further develop our systems and also grow our reach across Africa and into other parts of the World in line with our vision of Africans telling Africa’s story. So we have needed to describe what we do in a nutshell. So … Read More

Announcing Preservatio

On March 1, Africa Media Online will be 20 years old. It has taken that full 20 years to develop what we are now calling, Preservatio, our vertically integrated digital preservation and access ecosystem. Below is an introductory video to Preservatio giving you an overview of the system. Before that, however, you may want to … Read More

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