Artificial Intelligence, Blockchains and Other Innovations at CEPIC in Berlin

Innovation was high on the agenda at the largest gathering of media libraries and stock agencies in the World in mid-2018. CEPIC stands for the Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press and Heritage and aims to be the centre of the global picture industry. It is attended by the largest players in the industry … Read More

Announcing an All New Website for Africa Media Online

This has been a long time coming. For over half a decade we have been wanting to overhaul our website and make it more representative of the totality of Africa Media Online. In the past, our website was dominated by the media library side of our enterprise and the digital trade route side of the … Read More

Launching the Africa Media Online Preservation Cloud

Creating a secure and fail-proof hosting environment for digital heritage is the problem we have been working to solve for years. In this past year, however, we have been able to take significant strides in this regard. We are now celebrating with the launch of what we are calling our Preservation Cloud. Everyone speaks about … Read More

IIIF Conference Reflection and Call for Papers

The University of Göttingen and the Göttingen State and University Library, Germany, will play host to the 2019 IIIF Annual Conference. The IIIF or International Image Interoperability Framework is an international community drawn from many of the World’s leading academic, heritage and scientific organisations working together to create technology that allows for the collaborative and … Read More

WITS-NRF Digitisation Capacity Development Initiative

May 2018 saw the launch of an exciting initiative by the National Research Foundation in collaboration with the University of the Witwatersrand Libraries to set up an institute that can create digitisation capacity in South Africa. This was the first initiative of its kind funded by the NRF and is an exciting initiative in South … Read More

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