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A collection of 19th Century paintings of various cultural groups from South Africa are now available for licensing on african.pictures. George French Angas was a British artist, explorer, zoologist, and painter. On a visit to the Cape and Natal, he spent two years working on drawings and watercolours. These were published as 30 plates in 1849. You can view the full gallery here 


Below is a link to the Ken Oosterbroek collection, with the 30th anniversary of his death coming up next week. 


We are also highlighting a video on how to maximise using the lightbox system on our website to help you with the selection of images for licensing

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Ken Oosterbroek

Ken Oosterbroek was a member of the Bang-Bang club – a group of journalists who documented the atrocities of the later stages of apartheid. Ken was killed at the age of 32, only 9 days before South Africa’s first democratic elections on 27 April1994

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Our lightbox system is robust with a lot of useful functionality, but not completely intuitive. There are probably a number of functions you haven’t tried yet that will help you with sharing and collaborating with others as you select images.  Follow this instruction video to maximise the functionality on african.pictures



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